Property Sign Inspections

Property Sign Inspections


Everyone knows the importance of having your home and property inspected but have you considered the value of having a property sign inspection? Property sign inspections are a worthwhile step in safety that is often overlooked or missed. 

Owners and managers of condominium buildings, homeowners associations, stores, commercial and office buildings use property signs to keep tenants and visitors safe.  The question is, do you have the right signs, and are they in the right places?  Proper placement of the signage on your property is paramount to the safety of your tenants, visitors, and guests.  An incorrectly placed sign can be a real safety hazard to your building's visitors and tenants and cause problems as easily as the wrong sign.  That is where a property sign inspection can help.  Sign builders can help you define areas on your property that need new signage, that could use updated signs, or need the removal of signs.

Signs for parking areas, stairwell exits, fire alarms, fire zones,  floor indicators, as well as ADA compliant evacuation maps are just part of the inventory of notices you may have at your building or facility. Every handicapped parking space, fire lane, and tow warning has standards set by Hawaii law. With ever-changing building codes, now is the perfect time to request our free site inspection services. We will inspect and catalog all your property signs, offer suggestions for improvement and establish an annual maintenance visit.

Whether you need new signs or an upgrade to something like photoluminescent fire safety, evacuation route signs, we here at Sign Builders can create the designs you require, fabricate your signs and install them for you as well. We are current with all building codes and have the capabilities needed to assist you.

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