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Having a business signs is the most important advertising decision you may have to make, because signage can be responsible for half the new customers at a business - that’s right, 50 percent! Let Sign Builders design, permit, build and install a sign that promotes your brand and brings customers in the front door. Channel letters, panel signs, lightboxes, and storefront window lettering are our specialty.

Turn your car, truck, bus or van into a rolling billboard. Take advantage of traffic jams on the H-1 and cover your vehicle with eye-catching product pictures. Custom vehicle wraps are an unbeatable advertising value at a very reasonable cost.

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Signs that are beautiful, functional and ADA compliant. Made from a variety of material with painted or brand enhancing finishes. Let our experienced staff work with you to develop an oceanic or Eurasian design perfect for your building.

Wayfinding refers to sign systems that guide people through a physical environment and enhance their understanding and experience of the space. The SEGD states the importance of signs in complex environments such as urban centers, healthcare and educational campuses.

Help direct people to where they're going with Sign Builders locally design and fabricated directories, evac maps, dimensional letters and sign posts. We can develop your entire sign system with design, fabrication and installation.

Get noticed and promote your business, institution, real estate or school event. Levinson, the author of Guerrilla Marketing states “signs will awaken the memory of your advertising and motivate a sale.”

Encourage impulse purchases of products and services with full color sidewalk signs, window signs, banners and vehicle graphics. Call or email us for local design, fabrication and installation of your promotional signs.

Every handicapped parking space, fire lane, and tow warning has standards set by Hawaii law. Keep visitors safe and happy with signs that make a good first impression.

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You're don't need to be a creative genius to design a business sign that attracts customers, because I'm going to help you out with the tips and tricks of our trade. The goal here is to put up a sign that directs customers straight to your front door and promotes what you sell. Read on and we'll run through some fresh signage ideas that can be adapted to fit almost any budget.

Hawaii has a whole book of rules about what kinds of business signs are allowed, how big they can be, and whether you can light 'em up or not. And, of course, no giant billboards or shopping center monuments with tenants' names are allowed. Depending on where you're business is located, you might want to get an illuminated lightbox or individual channel letters to maximize nighttime visibility. If you're in Haleiwa or Chinatown special districts, the rules require signs be designed to enhance the historic and architectural character of the area, so butcher block wood is a popular choice. Some places, like Waikiki, you can only use indirect lighting, so halo lit channel letters are popular. From Kapolei Marketplace to King Street, there are glass storefront windows that are a perfect place to put vinyl lettering, logos and product photos.

So, how big a sign can you get? In Hawaii, the size of your sign is determined by how much business frontage you have. The business frontage is the linear measurement from the front left of your space to the front right. The bigger the frontage, the bigger a sign you can put up.

So, keeping all that in mind, ask yourself whether your selling a brand or a product. A brand is something everyone recognizes, either a name or a logo, like Times Market. If your sign promotes a brand, the design is already taken care of and all you have to decide is how big the Land Use Ordinance will allow. On the other hand, if you're selling a product, deciding what the sign will look like is a little more complicated. For a business named Kimo's Crack Seed, should you make Kimo the bigger letters, or Crack Seed? That's called ranking, so that the most important words are bigger and more predominant.

Two more thoughts about design, then we can make some budget decisions. First, what font or typestyle should the sign letters be? Choosing the right font can do more than just spell your business name, it can tell a story about your business. The big box retailers keep their sign letters big and bold and I think most of the time, that's a winner. Don't forget, most people will see your business sign from a moving vehicle, so it has to be easy to read the best fonts for commercial signs include Helvetica , Futura, Grammond, Bodoni, and Frutiger.

On the other hand, a distinctive typestyle that fits your business can help you get noticed and stand out from the crowd. A creative font or graphic can set you apart. Color can also have a dramatic impact on sign design. Consider Home Depot with their bright orange.

Channel letters are the most common kind of lighted business sign at most of the major shopping centers. As a matter of fact, they're usually required. Face lit channel letters look great and have the best nighttime visibility. If you're located on a busy street, thousands of customers will see your sign every day and every night, whether you're open or not. Halo lighting, sometimes called indirect illumination, is different from face lit channel letters. It's intentionally understated to create a more upscale feel. The light comes out the back of the letter and reflects off your storefront wall. Waikiki requires indirectly lit signage, so you'll see lots of halo lit letters on Kalakaua Ave.