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Promote Your Event or Brand with Temporary Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

In the US today, “individual vehicle advertising generates between 30,000-70,000 daily vehicular impressions,” according to ARD Ventures.

“Mobile advertising generates 2.5 times more attention than a static billboard,” says Perception Research

“Messages on outdoor mobile billboards have a 97% recall rate,” RYP & Becker Group indicates. 

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The Outdoor Advertising Association of America classifies wrap advertising as a form of “out of home” advertising. The agency says that vehicle advertising can be the most effective and efficient form of out of home advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower cost per thousand impressions than any other form of advertising. 

On average, wrap advertising costs as little as four cents per thousand impressions. This is significantly lower than other forms of advertising. For instance, it’s estimated that outdoor signs cost $3.56 and newspaper ads cost $19.70 per thousand impressions. Wrap advertising isn’t quite as cost-efficient as online advertising, but it’s certainly more effective than some other forms of marketing. 

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A full wrap, which covers the entire vehicle including the windows, partial wrap on just the sides or back, or door stickers

Cost depends on choose full or partial wrap and the size of the vehicle, from $500 to $3,000, which includes graphics design, Printing services and Professional installation.

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