Banners and Portable Signs

How Banners and Portable Signs Can Help Your Business

In an area where businesses and shops are present, business owners and managers are constantly competing with each other to grab the attention of customers passing by. A business with a more effective signage plan will often lure more people through the doors.

Portable Signs and Walkway Signs

While a business sign above the entrance is a basic requirement, it might not grab the attention of pedestrians walking by. Many businesses place portable signs directly in walkway, almost like an obstacle. These signs need to be taken in at night, but during operating hours, they help to round out your signage plan to get customers in the door.




Banners on the other hand, dramatically impact the visual landscape in the locations they are deployed. Especially when vibrant and contrasting colors are used, a banner will be immediately noticed by people in the area, and they are particularly effective for communicating a temporary message - like an announcing sign or a special event sign. Much like portable signs, banners don't require a sign permit, they just can't be permanent. Announcing signs which describe the character of a new building or the purpose for which the building is intended can be up through the duration of the construction process, and special event signs can be up for 7 consecutive days, and once per 6 month period. Be leaders in the ever-changing visual landscape of our island with banners from Sign Builders.

Using a Vehicle as a Billboard

Vehicle Graphics Billboard

Vehicle Graphics Billboard

As you might have noticed, billboards aren't anywhere to be found on Oahu, that's because they're not allowed by the city's Department of Planning and Permitting. However some local business owners have found a way to circumvent that rule, by using a vehicle as a billboard. Graphics on a vehicle are not regulated by any ordinances on Oahu, so it is perfectly legal to park a box truck with graphics on the side in front of a business and use it like a large sign or billboard.

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