Vehicle Graphics

Some businesses require the customer to come to a storefront, while others operate in a more mobile fashion: bringing the business out to the customer with a vehicle. Tradesmen like plumbers, electricians, and contractors have relied on vehicle graphics for years to advertise themselves while they are out on the road.

What is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a means of adding graphics to a car, truck, or van, turning it into a mobile advertisement. Photo-quality color graphics are digitally printed onto adhesive vinyl sheets, which are then installed onto the vehicle's surface.
While a full wrap covers the majority of the vehicle (including the windows!), partial wraps can be made according to the customer's specification. A wrap that covers the doors or the side of a vehicle is still a highly effective marketing tool.

Is vehicle wraps legal?

At this time, there are no regulations regarding vehicle wraps and graphics here in Hawaii. While the signage above a storefront needs to be approved and permitted by the Department of Planning and Permitting, there are no such requirements for vehicles. Business owners in Hawaii have the total freedom to decorate their vehicles with graphics any way they choose, whether it's with clean understated professionalism, or with vibrant eye-catching color photographic prints.

Sometimes business owners in Hawaii will purchase a box truck or large van and install a vehicle graphic onto it for the sole purpose of parking it outside of their business for added signage!

What is the ROI for a vehicle wrap?

The marketing potential that a vehicle wrap could deliver to a small business is astounding. Every mile driven in a wrapped vehicle will generate hundreds or thousands of views of your company's advertisements. While there isn't a steadfast ROI figure to go by in the industry, considering the cost of an average vehicle wrap is around $1,500 to $3,000, the wrap only needs to generate a handful of new jobs to pay for itself. Some of our customers have reported that their sales figures have doubled or even quadrupled after installing graphics onto their vehicles.

Can the rear windows of a vehicle be wrapped? Perforated vinyl windows?

The advertising space your vehicle has to offer doesn't have to stop at the windows. The rear windows can be covered with colorful graphics without sacrificing visibility. The trick is to use perforated vinyl, which has small holes covering about 50% of its surface. An image can be printed onto perforated vinyl which is visible from a distance while being translucent from within the vehicle.

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