Check out Saf-Gard’s new Flex Face Lightbox on Sand Island Access Road! This is a somewhat unique lightbox because it is much larger than normal by Hawaii’s standards at a staggering 24 feet long. Normally these signs are built with an translucent acrylic face, however sheets of acrylic material often come at a maximum of 10 or 12 feet, so multiple face pieces would have to be used, leaving unsightly seams, which can interfere with the overall look and feel of the sign, and can even produce very noticeable light leaks. Sign Builders proposed a Flex Face Lightbox for Saf-Gard’s specific needs, which is built with a flexible banner-like material as the face, which can be rolled and can come in any length. At Sign Builders, we understand the correct materials and techniques to use to achieve the high quality finished products that our customers demand. Call Sign Builders for a free sight inspection today!

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